Jani Christou: Collected Recordings

Die 4-CD-Sammlung mit Jani Christous Kompositionen vom griechischen Label "Sirius" - unbedingt empfehlenswert!

Volume 1

Phoenix Music for orchestra in five continous movements (1948-49, 11'20'')

Six T.S. Eliot Songs for mezzo-soprano and piano (1955, 12'27'')

The Strychnine Lady for solo viola (female), five actors, instrumental ensemble, tapes, various sound objects and a red cloth (1966-67, 24'57'')

Enantiodromia for orchestra (1965-68, 11'52'')

Volume 2

christou sirius cover 2
Symphony No. 1 for mezzo-soprano and orchestra in three continous movements (1949-50, 24'57'')

Tongues of Fire A Pentecost Oratorio for mezzo-soprano, baritone, tenor, mixed choir and orchestra (1964, 25'04'')

Anaparastasis I [astronkatithaniktéronomighirin] for baritone, viola and instrumental ensemble (1968, 10'17'')

Epicycle [II] mixed form of Epicycle (1969, 9'32'')
mixing -unfinished- that was arranged by the composer himself based on the recorded material of the performance if Epicycle (1968)

Volume 3

christou sirius cover 3
Patterns and Permutations for orchestra (1960, 27'40'')

Mysterion Scenic oratorio on ancient Egyptian sacred texts for narrator, three mixed choirs, orchestra, tapes and actors (1965-66, 25'39'')

Anaparastasis III [The Pianist] for an actor, instrumental ensemble and tapes (1968, 10'43'')

Volume 4

christou sirius cover 4
Six T.S. Eliot Songs for mezzo-soprano and orchestra (1957, 13'45'')

Praxis for 12 for 11 chord instruments and a conductor-pianist (1966, 8'47'')

Epicycle [I] Happening for a modifiable vocal and instrumental ensemble, actors tapes, visual projections and free participation of the public (1968, 45'33'')

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