20 Jahre Inventionen IV

CD-Rom with MP3 sound files and documentation of sound installations

Sound installations and audiovisual material:

David Behrman: Pen Light
David Behrman: View Finder
Gordon Monahan: When It Rains
Gordon Monahan: Etheric Theremin Harmonic
Terry Fox: Litanies of Interference
Terry Fox: bad installation
Robin Minard: SoundBits 01
Hannah Leonie Prinzler: _['dΛzn]
ludger hennig: eisen fern
Ron Kuivila: Spark Vault
José Antonio Orts: Territorio Estelado
Johannes Sienknecht: reincarnation
Gerhard Eckel u.a.: Grenzenlose Freiheit
Bartetzki / Minard / Kemter u.a.: - Rumor
F.M. Olbrisch u.a.: I got involved in something I realize
Thomas Seelig u.a.: Several Species...

This CD-Rom provides the programme notes accompanied by audiovisual material in the form of short QuickTime movies, photographs and mp3-files. It may be viewed with any current web browser on a variety of platforms.

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